Cameron Diaz Nose Job Before and After Photo

Cameron Diaz is known to have undergone some plastic surgery procedures, and one interesting procedure to be discussed is her nose job. As we can see, her nose looks different now than it did in the past due to a nose job. Diaz has admitted that she had a nose job, and stated that she did it for medical reasons.

Cameron Diaz Nose Job

Cameron Diaz Nose Job Before and After Photo

The 40 year old actress explained that she got the nose job when she had an accident in surfing several years ago. You can clearly see changes in the shape of her nose. Her nose used to look wider and rounder, and when the surfing accident happened, her nose became crooked around the bridge. Now, her nose has been reshaped and straightened out near the bridge, making it appear narrower, more natural, and more elegant. Dr. Anthony Youn, a famous plastic surgeon, opined that her nose job was both repairing the nose for medical reasons and straightening it. Her procedure helped her look more gorgeous and helped her breathing. What do you think? Did you notice something from this case??

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