Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Callista Gingrich’s face is obviously explained by her going under the knife. She’s had several types of plastic surgery. According to Dr. Nassif, the 47 year old possibly had a brow lift, several fillers, a facelift, and a rhinoplasty.

Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery

Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery Then and Now Photo

The first possibility is her brow lift. Her brow looks higher than before, and she may have done it to make her fine brow look more youthful. The second potential is fillers, which she may have injected into her forehead. We can see that her forehead is wrinkle free, smooth, and flawless. However, it looks like too much botox was injected because it seems too smooth and unnatural for her age.

The third potential surgery is a facelift, which may have been done to rejuvenate her look. It also looks like there may have been a little change in her nose. If you only glance, you won’t see anything. But if you look more intensely, you can see it’s thinner than before.  She may have undergone plastic surgery to refine her appearance, but now it looks unnatural. Although Callista Gingrich tries to avoid questions about her face, her face itself doesn’t lie.

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