Bruce Jenner: Mid-Life Crisis or Something More?

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner before his newest transformation.

You probably know him best as the father battling to keep up with the Kardashians, but this former Olympian is stirring some controversy with his latest cosmetic procedures. Sporting longer hair, presumed to be hair plugs, with a fresh ombre coloring and having his Adam’s apple shaved, Bruce Jenner has made some choices that have people’s tongues wagging. His daughters, Kendall and Kylie, are getting pretty wigged out over it all.

With Bruce’s split from his wife, Kris Jenner, it’s somewhat expected that he’d do some things that express his new found independence and express his individuality. However, with the longer nails he’s been getting polished up lately along with these other procedures, there’s speculation that it’s not just a mid-life crisis that he’s going through right now. There are whispers that he’s slowly undergoing a transition from being a man into a woman.

His sons, Brandon and Brody, are passionately dismissing this claim, stating that he’s just embracing his new-found love for surfing – thus the long hair – and the procedure on his Adam’s apple is something that they say he’s wanted to have done due to not being happy with the appearance of it. While Bruce’s sons are fully supporting this make-over, they’re also very accusatory of Kris for turning Bruce onto cosmetic surgery altogether.

Bruce’s exposure on television in the Kardashian’s very popular reality show certainly didn’t help his self-image. It’s tough to not see yourself on the screen weekly and not get a little critical of your looks, but it’s driven him to these new extremes. Social media is blowing up about Bruce’s new look, and this has his teen daughters confused to the point of not wanting to be around him unless it’s for filming purposes.

Bruce isn’t really doing anything that isn’t expected of a man who has separated from his wife, particularly one associated with such a popular reality show and who is equally addicted to the use of cosmetic surgeons. And, remember, this is life in L.A., folks! There’s very little that isn’t done cosmetically on celebrities there, but it’s unsure if Bruce is wanting to just freshen his look to appear younger or if this is something a little more.

What do you think? Is this Bruce’s answer to the average Joe’s sudden urge to purchase a Corvette, or is this a transition to a future sex change?


Image: WikiCommons

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