Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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There is one word to describe what exactly happen to Bristol Palin – “amazing.” The daughter of 9th governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, appeared with a different look. She look so beautiful now in a more skinny version of herself. What has she done to create it? Well, she used to be a bit chunky with a round face. When she turned into a skinny girl, it’s more than just lost weight. She has done something more with her look.

Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery

Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Glatt explained that Bristol Palin’s upper face seems to be no different, but there were significant change on her lower face. Comparing her look before and after we could see that her round face was turned into a more defined face. While the fat around her lower face was been removed, it seems like she had a liposuction too. Many people don’t recognize her from before. She had a great plastic surgery procedure. She looks so natural.

Bristol Palin herself admitted that she had a plastic surgery to reshape the look of her lower face. She explained that she had a corrective jaw surgery and got a more defined jaw. Bristol said that she did a corrective jaw surgery in order to realign her jaw and teeth, meaning for a medical reason. But she also admitted that she was thrilled with the result. It made her more mature, and no longer a chubby girl. Therefore “amazing” is such a suitable word to describe what she has done.

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