Blake Lively Boob Job Before and After Photo

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Blake Lively Boob Job

Blake Lively Boob Job Before and After Photo

Blake Lively is known as Serena van der Woodsen from the drama Gossip Girl. This 25 year old girl was rumored to have had plastic surgery. Based on the picture all across the media, there’s a significant change in her breasts.

Her current breasts are much bigger than they were in the past. Some don’t believe that those rumors are true, including plastic surgeon Dr Sherrell J. Ashton. Ashton stated that her breasts fit perfectly with her body, so they are likely natural. Dr. David Shafer has a different idea. He opined that the Gossip Girl star’s breasts were probably the result of well done plastic surgery. If she had surgery, then she did a great thing. They look perfect and fit in well with her body.

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  1. May 24, 2013

    […] Blake Lively is one of successful actress in making a change in appearance after going under the knife. She got her new nose after she decided to to do a rhinoplasty. In fact, the young age actress had a rounded and big tip of nose and a bit wide bridge too. When she did the rhinoplasty, there is a great change on her nose, her current nose looked narrower with a small tips of nose. […]

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