Beyonce Nose Job Before and After Photo

Beyonce might be one of plastic surgery lovers in America. She has had several plastic surgeries during her career including breast implants, lip reduction, and even a skin lightening. Another interesting rumor about her is the change of her nose. Beyonce brought a new face when she stepped up at the Superbowl. Her new nose provoked a media discussion about her.

Beyonce Nose Job

Beyonce Nose Job Before and After Photo

She was rumoted to have a rhinoplasty in order to change the shape of her nose. If we compare her previous nose in the past photo and the new one, we will find a significant change on the bridge of the nose. It looks thinner than before she also reshaped the tip to be smaller.

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a plastic surgeon, commented that after the rhinoplasty, the ex-Destiny’s Child member looked more beautiful and elegant. He also appreciated the doctor who took this job, for it’s greatly done. Let’s see what she will do next. So far she made a great decision, there’s nothing overdone yet. But she needs to be wiser in doing such plastic surgery. Overall, she did a really good job and we should appreciate her decision in doing a risky job. Well done Beyonce.

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  1. Litaraniel says:

    Oh come on who’s that red-faced woman with age lines on the right? Is it even Beyonce? I see no resemblance.