Beyonce Gears Up To Release New Fragrance

Today, it seems like every celebrity has become an endorser in their own right. Whether they create their own beauty product or simply back up their favorite soft drink, stars are now the new faces of a whole slew of products. Beyonce, the current queen of R&B, is no different. This superstar is getting ready to release her own fragrance this summer, which I cannot be happier about.

Beyonce's Fragrance Ad

Beyonce’s Ad For Heat Wild Orchid

The new fragrance will be called Heat Wild Orchid, which is marketed to smell like a mix of fierce and feminine. How fitting for Queen B. Within the scent, consumers will be able to smell all kinds of appealing flavors like pomegranate, boysenberry, coconut, orchid (obviously), magnolia and honeysuckle. There will even be a touch of musk, amber and blonde woods within the fragrance as well. I think I speak on behalf of all Beyonce’s fans when I say that I cannot wait to get my hands on this product. If this will give me even half of Bey’s fierceness, sign me up!

While I’m digging the product description of Heat Wild Orchid, I’m even more captivated by Mrs. Carter’s ad campaign  for the perfume. In it, Beyonce looks absolutely stunning. She is photographed sticking out her long, toned leg while showing some serious side boob.  Plus, she is draped in some black lace number, while giving her signature seductive face. Then, in the background, there are purple sheets that appear to be blowing in the wind against a blank white screen. This color scheme perfectly compliments the perfume’s bottle, which is also the same shade of purple. Basically, if I wasn’t sold before, I definitely am now.

Beyonce's Fragrance Ad

Beyonce to Release Heat Wild Orchid Fragrance

The bottle itself for Heat Wild Orchid is reminiscent of a genie bottle, and if that is the message Beyonce and the company that is putting out the fragrance are going for, good job. In my opinion , they are trying to say that if you want all of your wildest dreams to come true, you need this fragrance. This scent will clearly be your lifesaver. What do you think? Do you agree with my interpretation of the bottle and scent? Will you be picking up a bottle of Heat Wild Orchid when it hits stores in August?

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