Ben Savage’s Nose Job Before and After Photo

Ben Savage may be a name of the past, but he’s getting ready to make a huge comeback this fall. That’s right, the 90’s child star who played Cory Matthews on Boy Meets World will reprise his iconic role on the Disney Channel spin-off, Girl Meets World. Of course with this thrust back into the spotlight, we couldn’t help but notice the obvious plastic surgery Savage had performed on his nose.

Ben Savage Nose Job after photo

Ben Savage Nose Job

If you take one look at the Girl Meets World teaser trailer, you’ll see that Savage went under the knife for rhinoplasty. That’s because the 33-year-old actor has a much pointer nose now than ever before. That’s not all, though. It even appears longer too. In the past, his nose had a rounded tip, which is what fans ultimately associated him with.

Celebrities taking part in plastic surgery is nothing new. However, it’s one thing to get a procedure done because you want to prevent aging, but it’s a completely different thing when the star undergoes plastic surgery to get a new, unrecognizable  face for seemingly no reason. After all, Savage’s original nose was what audiences grew accustomed too.  It will definitely take some time for viewers to get used to this change.

Ben Savage Nose Job before

Ben Savage Nose Job

While Savage has yet to comment on the plastic surgery, there are a bunch of different possibilities as to why he had the procedure done in the first place. For starters, he could have just wanted to improve his self-confidence. He may have felt his nose was hindering him from receiving certain roles as a leading man or that simply it was too large to continue on with. If that wasn’t the reason for his rhinoplasty, maybe it was for medical purposes. A lot of people undergo a nose job to help with breathing, since it ends up opening the nasal passages making this function much easier. Performers have to be careful with this procedure, though. That’s because it’s known to change both the character and quality of the voice.

It should be interesting to see if Savage ever comes clean about his nose job. Either way, pictures don’t lie and this is a clear case of plastic surgery.

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  1. Vivian says:

    How about we show a “before picture” where he isn’t fourteen?