Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

Axl Rose is one of the best vocalists that have ever existed. He has a voice that can hypnotize his fans. Slash, from his band Guns and Roses, is one of the best guitarists around. Besides his voice, Axl rose is also known for his eccentric fashion and face. He was very good looking before he decided to make some changes. What happened to him to make him classified as one of the worst plastic surgery users? 

What kinds of plastic surgery has he had?

As we see his look is purely plastic, because of several plastic surgeries he has had. First, a rhinoplasty. The almost fifty year old rock legend has a nose that looks narrower now than it did in the past. However, he hasn’t confirmed it. Second, his cheeks look puffy, which may have been caused by cheek implants. He may have also had a facelift to keep his face tight and more yuouthful, but it looks too tight.

Many fans are disappointed with his new look, because at a young age, he had a good look – simply perfect without any problems. Now that he’s getting older and made some bad decisions, he looks so plastic.

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2 Responses

  1. Gina Mohr says:

    They look like two completely different people! However, that might be because he is much older in one picture, and also the facial hair and different looks. Very interesting post nonetheless! 🙂

  2. Peter Wilson says:

    Looks like natural aging process, not plastic surgery for axl rose