Katie Holmes Dating Jamie Foxx?

Are they or aren’t they? There are definitely rumors swirling around that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are dating. In fact, these rumors have been around since 2013, but it seems like things are finally starting to heat up between these two.

Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Dating?

Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Dating?

According to Us Weekly, Holmes and Fox have “been hooking up on the DL” for the past year and a half. Of course, Foxx’s rep declined to comment on the matter, while Holmes’ rep didn’t even bother to respond at all to the requests for a comment. Either way, though, these celebrities don’t seem to be all that concerned by the gossip. Holmes is much more focused on her acting career, while Foxx has music to promote.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, the rumors go back all the way to August of 2013 when the two stars appeared at the 4th annual Apollo in the Hamptons benefit together. There, Holmes and Foxx were seen chatting and dancing with one another. Since then, many different sources have confirmed that the two have hung out with each other on more than one occasion. However, even with that being said, there’s no real evidence here to lead me to think they’re anything more than good friends.

Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Dating?

Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Dating?

In 2013, ABC News even asked Foxx about the rumors and he made it clear that dancing doesn’t equal to dating. He said, “I had Colin Powell on stage dancing [too], so they could have said me and Colin Powell were dating!” Then, he went on to tell Entertainment Tonight that these rumors were “quite hilarious”. He later reiterated the fact that these rumors simply were created because they “danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people.”

Personally, I don’t know much about Foxx and Holmes, but I do remember reading somewhere that these two have been friends for years and years. I’m not saying that there’s no possibility that they could be more than friends, but to start rumors that they’re a pair because they hung out at an event among a room full of people is kind of insane. What do you think?

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