Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery

Andrea Mitchell Plastic Surgery

Nowadays, most famous actresses at an older age deal with plastic surgery rumors. Andrea Mitchell, famous for being an American journalist, is one of those people. The rumors about her may be true based on her appearance, which hasn’t really changed even though she’s 67. Let’s take a look at what she may have had done.

Andrea Mitchell, who was born on October 30th, 1946, might have had restylane injections in order to make her facial skin become smoother. It’s almost impossible to have super tight skin and no wrinkles when you’re getting into your sixties. For Mitchell, she looks beautiful and fresh, showing that her plastic surgery was successful. It looks like this is the only work she’s had done, because we can’t see any other drastic changes. Mitchell has never provided any confirmation as to whether or not she has ever had any work done.

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