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Jon Stewart Retires From The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Retires From The Daily Show

Hmm, did all of television’s major late night hosts get together and decide that 2015 was the year to retire? It certainly seems that way. First it was David Letterman, then Craig Ferguson, and now I’m talking about Jon Stewart. Yesterday, at a taping of the show, Stewart announced that he is stepping down from his hosting duties at “The Daily Show”. Following Stewart’s announcement, Comedy Central confirmed the sad news by tweeting out a statement. They wrote, “Jon will remain at the helm of The Daily Show until later this year. He is a comic genius, generous with his time and talent,...

Leslie Stahl Plastic Surgery

Did Leslie Stahl Have Plastic Surgery?

Even though Leslie Stahl is no longer a young lady, she looks ageless. Many people speculated that she had a facelift. We can see from several points on her face, that her skin appears tighter than it naturally should be. Her tight skin makes her look youthful and ageless. She looks 25 years younger than her current age, which is too good to be natural. Many people agree that Leslie Stahl had a facelift to rejuvenate her look. And the result itself is great. We guess that she may try to do a neck lift yet, since you can see...

Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery

Did Lara Spencer Have Plastic Surgery?

There will be a plastic surgery rumor each time a celebrity appears so youthful in their old age. Lara Spencer understands this. There are many rumors going around about her excellent appearance, where people speculate that she may have had plastic surgery. After being asked about whether she had plastic surgery to maintain her beautiful and youthful look, she claimed she had never had a single procedure. She is natural without any plastic surgery. The speculation is only a rumor. Some media agreed that she hadn’t undergone plastic surgery. Further, the photos can’t explain the rumors. She may have told...