Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter with a New Image

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Oh man, Amanda Bynes. This lady has been on quite the roller coaster over the past couple of years. From time spent in jail to numerous stops in rehab, Bynes’ life has been spiraling downwards. But maybe there is finally hope that she is getting better. The other day Bynes decided to come back on Twitter and she’s actually not posting anything that is making us shake our head. This has got to mean she’s making progress, right?

Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter with a New Image

Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter with a New Image

Any of Bynes’ followers could tell you that the actress has been completely silent on the social media website ever since November 10th. However, now she is sharing a brand new picture with her 3.7 million followers, showing off her new image. In the picture, Bynes is wearing a knee-high skirt and matching top. Her belly-button piercing is clearly visible and I can’t help but notice how thin she has gotten. She was also donning a blonde wig, letting us all know that her lavender hair is long gone.

Within in the tweet she posted with her new image, Bynes wrote, “I’m loving Boutique Jules!” That’s because the picture was taken in the clothing store’s dressing room. For those that may question whether or not this picture was actually taken months ago, an employee at the Valley Village, California has confirmed that Bynes was in fact there Saturday afternoon. The employee had nothing but good things to say about Bynes’ shopping behavior stating, “She is a lovely girl. She is the best customer we have had so far.”

Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter with a New Image

Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter with a New Image

As you may recall Bynes was released from an involuntary psychiatric hold at the very end of October. Do you think this is a good sign that Bynes is changing her way or is it only a matter of time until she starts acting like her old self? What about her new appearance? Are you digging this look or is she in need of a serious makeover? Don’t forget to sound off below!

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