Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job And Boob Job

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Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Amanda Bynes might be one of the most controversial actresses ever in America. She recently became a hot topic among the people. The 27 year old American actress has blown Twitter up talking about her name. This was caused by her photo uploads and her writing people telling them about the nose job she had. That was quite surprising to the social media.

She admitted that she had a rhinoplasty to get a new nose. She stated on Twietter that she had the rhinoplasty to make her prettier than before. She also stated that she got a webbing of skin near her nose and eyes removed. She asled all of the media outlets to remove her old photos and change them to the new ones. She’s clearly very excited with what she did.

Beside the rhinoplasty, Amanda Bynes was rumored to have had her boobs done. But, unlike the nose job, Amanda has not revealed the truth about whether she had gone under the knife for her breasts. Based on the photos in the media, and her own uploaded photos on Twitter, it’s really possible that she had a breast augmentation to change the size of her breasts.  If we compare her latest photos to her earlier ones, we can see the changes. It looks like her current breasts are unnaturally big and much rounder than before. For now, people are waiting to see what Ms. Amanda will tweet next.

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2 Responses

  1. Aurora says:

    Why??? She was so beautiful, gorgeus. Such a shame…

    • DOL says:

      She’s a schizophrenic. She’s going to do crazy things b/c she’s crazy. Her mind is rotten. It’s a shame since she used to be such a cute little actress.

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