Alicia Keys Nose Job Before and After Photo

Alicia Keys nowadays looks awesome and gorgeous. It’s been discovered that the talented singer had a nose job. This rumor started when past photos appeared on the internet. From those photos, people could tell that her current nose is not her real one. The answer that makes the most sense is that she had a rhinoplasty.

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The rhinoplasty has made her look like a more elegant woman, and looks like it was done several years ago. In the earlier photos, it nose looked bulbous, wide, and round. This is a lot different than the nose we see now. The surgery completely changed the shape of her nose.

Alicia Keys Nose Job

Alicia Keys Nose Job Before and After Photo

Her nose seems narrower, with a nice tip. She no longer has a big nose, and instead, has a nose that fits her beautiful face. There’s no doubt that the nose job was done well, it looks natural.  Dr. Paul Nassif has opined that the 32 year old singer had a nose job. He also explained the tip of the nose doesn’t look bulbous anymore and the two sides of the nose looked narrower.

She got multiple advantageous from having a nose job. She is not only getting more gorgeous but it could boost her confidence, essential for someone whose job it is to perform for people on stage.

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  1. Jim Beaux says:

    Typical ni@@er. Talks shite about whitey, but has surgery to make herself look even whiter than her natural 5o%.