Alexa Ray Joel’s Breast Augmentation

While Alexa Ray Joel may be best known as the daughter of musician Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley, the 28-year-old aspiring singer recently made headlines all on her own. When Joel stepped out on the red carpet of her first debut show at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City last week, heads couldn’t help but turn.  That’s because she looked noticeably different from the last time she branched out into the spotlight.

Alexa Ray Joel Breast Augmentation

Alexa Ray Joel Breast Augmentation

Of course, it wasn’t long until rumors started swirling that Joel went under the knife for breast augmentation, among a list of other procedures. With one glance at some pictures from her younger days, you can see exactly why so many people assumed this. Her breasts have grown a good amount since the last time the public has seen her, which seems so unnatural. However, in this case, the rumors are completely false. Joel didn’t get any work done on her chest.

For starters, it’s obvious that Joel didn’t have plastic surgery performed because the pictures that are used in her before photos are all ones that were taken when she was a mere teenager. It’s a part of life that as women get older, their bodies mature. This includes breast development, so it would be ridiculous to attribute her new bra size to anything other than age. Then, there’s the fact that Joel was wearing a push-up bra at the event. This garment can make a huge difference in a woman’s breast size because it has the ability to lift the chest, all while using padding to give off that illusion of full breasts.

Alexa Ray Joel Breast Augmentation

Alexa Ray Joel Breast Augmentation

Even though celebrities are unjustly accused of getting plastic surgery on a daily basis, Joel made sure to speak up about what was being said in the media. After all, she has every right to set the record straight. On an article that US Weekly posted on their website about the alleged breast augmentation, Joel left a comment making it clear that her chest is real, pointing out all of outlet’s fallacies. In the past, Joel has always been open and honest about her procedures like the rhinoplasty she underwent four years ago. That’s why there is no reason why she wouldn’t tell the truth now.

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