Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job Before and After Photo

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Alexa Ray Joel recently was discussed by many people. They talked about her new look – especially the nose. She has a new nose shape. It looks more beautiful than before. If we take a look at her previous photo and the new one, we will find that there’s a significant change in the nose.

Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job

Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job Before and After Photo

The 27 year old singer used to have a rounder tip and wider bridge of the nose. After the nose job, the nose looked like it was reshaped nicely. It looked thinner and the tip was a bit smaller. She looked more elegant with it. The nose job has successfully increased the beauty level of her face and it didn’t change her overall appearance a lot.  She had a great nose job.

Alexa Ray herself revealed her activities in plastic surgery. She said that she had a nose job in order to be more pretty. And Alexa Ray also added that Heidi Montag was the one who inspired her to do that. Beside the rumor of a nose job, she was also rumored to have had a breast augmentation. But her mother, Christie Brinkley said that the rumor was absolutely wrong. Overall, Alexa had work  greatly done. This could be to boost her confidence as a singer too.

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