About Me

Jatin JonesI’m Jatin Jones and I love celebrity gossip!

I grew up on the West Coast, but I’ve lived and traveled throughout the United States.  I work in communications, but there’s no better form of it to me than sharing a blazing hot piece of gossip from the world of entertainers.  No matter which coast I may be on at the moment, there’s always a great celebrity story to be heard and talked about with friends, both online and off.  I spend much of my time working, as we all do, but my obsession with celebrity fashion trends (and flops), new celebrity endorsements and products, tidbits about who they are dating this week and notable feuds always intrigue me.  I’m a fitness buff, so I am always keeping up on the newest workout and diet trends celebs are trying out.  A girl has to keep her figure, right?

I chose the name of my site, Sugar Surgery, based on just how sweet celebrity gossip is, and who in Hollywood (or New York City) hasn’t undergone the knife or needle – Or, at least seriously considered it in order to further or continue their glamorous careers?  It’s a fascinating subject, but only one part of the world of celebrity gossip!   Entertainers these days give us all so much to talk about, and who doesn’t like a juicy story to share with friends?  This is the heart of my mission here:  To bring you, my “Patients”, celebrity news to keep you talking for days!

I welcome you to browse around the site and read up on the latest in fashion trends sported by the hottest celebs, who is doing what to their hair or make-up, which celebrity couples are heating up or cooling off, the latest Red Carpet and award show reports and other scandalous bits of gossip in the entertainment world.   And, of course, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest where I am always posting hot and trending celebrity news!