4 Crazy Plastic Surgery Shows

Everyone loves a good Cinderella story. The Ugly duckling transforms into a beautiful swan and everyone sighs… Some television shows took it a little bit too far, taking plastic surgery transformations to TV screens across the world. Here are a few of the craziest plastic surgery shows to hit the airwaves:

4 Crazy Plastic Surgery Shows

Let me in: This South Korean makeover show takes plastic surgery to the extreme! According to the New York Times, South Korea has one of the highest plastic surgery rates in the world! Some estimates say nearly one-third of women in Seoul have had plastic surgery! This show is a hit and one of the most popular shows on television in South Korea. The show brings surgery-seeking women before a panel of judges. The women have to make a case for surgery. Their parents even come on and apologize for having such “hideous” children. This show is a hit… Really?

The Swan: This epic-fail of a show only lasted two seasons, and for good reason.  The show featured women who underwent extensive plastic surgery procedures and then put them in a beauty contest. The winner of the “contest” won the title The Swan. (Someone thought that telling women they still weren’t pretty enough, even after plastic surgery was a good idea?). Americans at least had the sense to give this show the boot quickly.


Brideplasty: Because “Say Yes to the Dress” is just not enough drama for any Bridezilla. This 10-episode show ran for 1 season. Twelve engaged (or married) women competed to win the wedding of their dreams and their dream plastic surgery procedure. Each contestant came armed with a plastic surgery wish list alongside plans for a dream wedding. The winner of the show won her dream wedding and plastic surgery. The twist: The groom did not see her until the wedding day. Any man worth letting his bride-to-be get a complete transformation before their big day is a brave soul indeed.

Botched:  Now I could get behind this show! This cosmetic show, aired on E!, shows two doctors as they help their patients repair mistakes from previous cosmetic surgeries. The show promises drama, interesting tidbits about making repairs and an interesting look at the lives of those who underwent botched procedures. The first season lasted 10 episodes and was well received. The second will run through at least July of this year. Compared to some of the other shows featured on this list, this show is downright tame.

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