Yoona SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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We have no doubt that Korean people have a great relationship with plastic surgery. Like American celebrities, Korean stars also love to play with plastic surgery. Did Yoona do it too? If you look at Yoona’s face, you’d see no differences at first glance -it seems like she has a natural look. What types of plastic surgery did she do?

Yoona Plastic Surgery

Yoona Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Well, based on the several photos above, some people have noticed that Yoona (who is known for being a natural beauty) may have had a nose job and jaw surgery. A possible rhinoplasty may have made reshaped the tip of her nose to be smaller and look more pinched. Now, her nose looks very nicely shaped. She also may have had a jaw surgery to reshape her jaw so that her chin looked smaller. Based on the photos, you can see that Yoona has been smart enough to not go overboard with plastic surgery. Instead, she’s only reshaped some small parts to make her look better. She has a beautiful face, and some small plastic surgeries have helped to make it perfect.

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