Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Sela Ward Plastic Surgery

Sela Ward Plastic Surgery

Sela Ward is currently 56 years old, but she still looks 20 years younger. How could she keep it young and fresh? What had she done to keep staying young at her half century age? She has successfully done plastic surgery, for the result is perfect.

What kind of plastic surgery has she had?

We look at the Sela Ward, the woman who is famous for taking a role in “CSI: New York.” We can guess what she did. She might have gone under the needle, by injecting botox in some parts of her face. See, in her forehead we won’t find any wrinkles left, they’ve all been removed. The botox was likely injected in her forehead, brow, and around her eyes to remove crow’s feet. The results are natural and great.

After being asked whether she had a botox treatment or not, she explained that she loves botox, and she loves to have it. Overall she did it greatly. She didn’t overdo it. She is quite wise to use the botox as needed only. Just wait to see whether she loves to do another plastic surgery or not.

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