Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Park Min Young Plastic Surgery

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Park Min Young, like most Korean people, has gone under the knife to beautify her look. Comparing her appearance in the past and the current look, she has totally changed into someone different.  The amazing thing of this procedure is she looks so natural without any problem. We only know that she has gone under the knife by comparing her past photo and the new one. Besides that, we would think that the beauty she has is the blessing from the God.

Well, from comparing two faces from the different periods, we found that the differences are on the two point – the eyes and the shape of her face. The 27 year old Park Min Young used to have narrow eyes before plastic surgery. She might have had double eyelid surgeries to open her eyes and it looks so successful. Her eyes are bigger now, and she has really beautiful eyes.

The second possible procedure she had is the corrective jaw surgery. As we can see, it looked like she had a round face with a bigger jaw line. When she decided to get it redone,  her face became thinner and much more oval. She is one of many examples of how the plastic surgery can solve beauty problems. And most Korean people do plastic surgery amazingly successfully. They all turn more beautiful with some procedures.

And lately, Park Min Young’s current look was rumored to be in triplicate with other two Korean actress – Kim Yu Mi and Yoo Ara. The three look the same, even though they had different face in the past. That’s amazing Korean work. What do you think of the result?

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48 Responses

  1. renzy joy umali says:

    i still love park min young….then and now and tomorrow and the another tomorrow :))))))

  2. ghazal says:

    oh god….
    i cant believe that.cause i thought she is so pretty without any things..(my grammer is so bad cause im iranian so dont laugh please)

  3. mindmenglish says:

    Maybe thats why Lee left her after seeing the pic online. I mean how would their children look like?

  4. Meynerh says:

    Am amina frm nigeria,d jealous bitch who updated it is d laughn stock,i don’t care whether she had it or not,d natural beauty is already deep beneath her not because of some surgery

  5. lindy says:

    saranghae unni….u are the best

  6. ajo says:

    nothing compares to her.. ..

  7. karren mendez says:

    im a filipino!
    yeah, that’s right!
    i liked the comment you have.. i liked her much the way she acts and mostly in her sideview she looks more beautiful.

  8. Mary Roselyn(FlamerockEMO) says:

    w/ or without plastic surgery park min young is still beautiful. Only those in the eyes of insecure are saying that she is ugly. Am i right?
    I’m your super fan park min young saranghae. i hope i will meet you someday :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    maganda ka nmn khit dka nagplastic surgery….

    ur the best actress 4r me… lve u

  10. noralia says:


  11. rose marei says:

    .. for me i dont care if she had a plastic surgery.. the truth is she is beautiful no plastic surgery is.. because god create her to diserve what she is and we connot blame her if she likes to be differ

  12. nana says:

    maganda ka nga pero sa paningin ng dyos pangit?

  13. HAHA sama says:

    PLASTIC again..

  1. August 27, 2013

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