Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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South Korea has some of the highest numbers of plastic surgery patients in Asia. According to research most of the people, especially woman, love to change their look with plastic surgery. Lee Min Ho is one of the successful plastic surgery candidates in South Korea. The actor, best known for his Korean drama Boys Before Flower has admitted that he has done work on some parts of his face. By comparing his photos in the past and the new ones, you can see the changes in his lips and nose.  For complete background on Lee Min Ho check him out on Wikipedia.

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

Lee Min ho Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Lee Min Ho’s nose has been successfully reconstructed with a rhinoplasty procedure. His nose looks sharper than before. He got a really good nose, didn’t he? Nowadays, as we can see, his elegant nose makes him more handsome and cool. The second procedure was on his lips. His lips used to protrude out more,  prior to plastic surgery.  Once he fixed his lips, that sticking out effect was gone. Now, he has nice lips, suitable for his face.

The combination of lip surgery and the rhinoplasty have made him into a new Lee Min Ho. Many people, especially girls, are impressed with his current look. Do you think that girls are disappointed in his decision to go under the knife? We guess not. For the man whom they admire looks much more attractive now than he used to. And those girls will not be thinking about his activity on the surgery table.

Join the conversation and tell us what you think?  Do you think his choice of plastic surgery was good or bad, did he need to go that far?  Did his lips rally need the change or were they good enough as is?

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  1. badria salim says:

    Ur da best Min ho…..ur swagz kills my swag

  2. revival says:

    I luv u so much pls send Ur number or call me 08179244822 I live in Nigeria Ur d best

  3. mowizo says:

    i like you ur smiles the way u look how i wish we were close so i could tell you……………… lv u

  4. Annie says:

    I don’t cake love you Le min Ho

  5. ifa fha ichal says:

    i don’t care about all,i like you so much :)

  6. Erizabesu says:

    I think make up artiste will go to great lengths to make your ” before make over” pictures look ugly so as to make the public believe they did something extraordinary on your face. I saw lee min ho’s pictures when he was a kid and in my opinion he doesn’t look bad at all. I really don’t know what to believe. Whether you underwent a surgery or not, lee min ho, you look great the way you are, and I’m soooo loving the way you look!

  7. Ester says:

    What I admire in him is his smile and his eyes. He is talented.

  8. suki says:

    Hi… Lee u r so beautiful……love u babe…..

  9. fathima says:

    After the surgery u r very handsome. I’m a #1 fan of u. I dont care about your plastic surgery, because u r my most favourite actor. U r the my dream… Love u soooo much, I’m a SRILANKAN girl :) :* <3

  10. fereshteh says:

    I hate u.
    You are so ugly…
    I hate you so much
    But I love Korea
    Not for the sake of you ,
    Don’t be happy !

    • Mily says:

      Yikes, what do you want from the poor guy? Is he to blame for his looks? Do you know him personally that you can say that you hate him with such a passion? You might not like the way that he looks or acts but why are you wishing him a miserable life?
      I don’t think that he is attractive nor handsome (with his old nose or the new) but he has a nice smile and his acting skills seem to be improving from one series to another.

  11. fariza says:

    Leee Min ho i lve u sooo much.u know wat i want 2 marry u.i lke ur BOF film.u look really hardsome.marry me i’m ur jandi.LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE UUUUUUUUUUUUUU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH.

  12. Kim says:

    Anyone who believes this article or the picture is a damn fool tbh.Do yourself a favour and goggle ‘lee min ho high school pictures’and see his real pics before he became popular and not this edited stuff..in those pics he was barely 14/15 but this pics looks like someone in there 20’s and how come the after pic used in this article is actually younger than the so called ‘before’ pic…if you are actually a fan of his then goggle 4 his pics when he was a toodler and an adolescent and stop believing craps you read online.!and ps-lee min ho never said he did anything to his face,he and his agency denied it and even released his pics as a kid so stop lying against him is pathetic.

  13. Debbie says:

    Love you oppa, really looking forward to meeting you.

  14. josephine joseph says:

    dats gud.love u lee min ho

  15. Kara says:

    Not a natural good looking guy I guess. That’s too bad that how he’s tricking all these silly girls worldwide. Lol…

  16. Evefranka says:

    U Look Gud Jst D Way U Re,i Like Ur Corage Bt U Should Nt Hv Don Dat.Wel U Look More Handsome Like Afallin Angel,advise,pls Jst B Ur Self Cos Only Dat Can Make U Beter,love U Playful Kid

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  18. Hummm êtes vous certain de ce que vous écrivez ?

  19. ming says:

    for people who are curious of lee min ho’s face before his plastic surgery, just search schoolyard secrets, mackerel run, i dont know too and i am sam. these were his dramas before he undergo surgery. all i can say is that he is really handsome even before the surgery and was the lead role in mackerel run and i dont know too . he will never be the main actor if he doesnt have the looks and talent. i saw it in youtube when he auditioned for boys over flowers on may 2008 with his original/untouched face. maybe the production or whoever suggested for him to undergo plastic surgery to make his looks perfect.and suited to become a flower boy and on september 2008 based on the date of the said video, his nose is longer. i dont know if he undergo lip surgery, but based on his dramas i mentioned above, he already got a very nice smile. thats what i love about him. his smile makes me smile, very contagious.

  1. October 29, 2013

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  2. November 26, 2013

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