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Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery

If we talk about South Koreans, at glance we will think about their modern music culture called K-Pop and plastic surgery users. As we know, K-Pop has improved and influenced the world with its style. For Example: Psy with his comedy song entitled Gangnam Style has been known worldwide. And the plastic surgery users in this are everywhere. In South Korea, somewhere around 80% of women have gone under the knife.

Lee Hyori is a South Korean singer who first debuted as a member of the girl band Fin, before she decided to go alone as a solo artist. In 2003 her debut solo album was released and won many Daesangs. The 33 year old woman has already gone under the knife. She changed a lot of things to be beautiful. If we look her face, there’s nothing wrong with her face, it seems perfect.

What kinds of plastic surgeries has she had then?

Lee Hyori is strongly believed to have had several kinds of plastic surgery including a nose job, eyelid surgery, cosmetic dentistry and breast implants. First, she got a nose job.  At a glance, it doesn’t seem different. But if we look more closely, we can see a change at the tip of her nose, which was elevated.

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Photo

Lee Hyori Teeth Surgery

The second suspect is an eyelid surgery. Commonly Korean people have a squint or narrow eyes. She might have wanted to make her eyes look bigger, so she used eyelid surgery to create her current beautiful look. Third, she likely had cosmetic dentistry to fix her teeth to become neater and more beautiful. She has a fantastic smile with her modified teeth.

And last but not least, she may have had breast implants. Her breasts look bigger than before. Many Korean women look beautiful, even though they are a big plastic.

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