Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Kim Hyun Joong was listed among the Korean actors who have undergone plastic surgery. Even though it’s obvious, many of his fans deny that he has had surgery. You may wonder what part of his face was changed.

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery

Kim Hyun Joong Nose Job

It’s his nose. He refined his nose with a rhinoplasty, as he has admitted in an interview. He said that he had his nose done – a rhinoplasty. He claimed that he got a better looking nose, but that he was forced to do it because of getting a broken nose after being hit by a stone. Now, he becomes one of the most poplar actor who has a nose job after Lee min ho. His current nose looks perfect, a better look than before, making women love him even more than ever.

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  1. sandra michaels says:

    plastic surgery is very wrong before God and man

  2. kimia says:

    Lain darid?

  3. kimia says:

    byan ma nam
    my mom

  4. kimia says:

    Hello… my mam is *kimia*:)

  5. Rutysmart says:

    Helooo my nam is*rutysmart* Ps or non ps….u r still handsome/u will still remain my number 1 korean role model:*

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