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Joyce Meyer’s appearance has made people surprised. What exactly happen to her? Well, Joyce Meyer probably had a little procedure that made a big change in her looks – lip plumping. If you take a look at her current face you can see the difference.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Joyce Meyer Lip Augmentation

You can see it on her mouth. The lip plumping or the lip enhancement has created a weird thing on her lips. Her smiling lines turn a bit wider. It reminds us of Batman’s enemy, Joker.

Normally, there’s no problem with it. But when she was shot by camera from the front and she smiled, you can see her new, cunning look.  What do you think of it? Is it weird? Unique? Or a normal?

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  1. Robert says:

    I can understand a woman seeking beauty changes and I love watching Joyce Meyers preaching, but I personally thought she was very beautiful before this change and yes this does make her mouth look like that of the Joker and I was she would go back to who God made her to be! God Bless you Joyce Meyer in all you do!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Somehow Joyce Meyer came on tv, and I saw her face, so I googled her. I am nausea. First off everytime I see women having plastic surgery they think they look better but it makes them look ugly. Than people donate money, and this is where she is spending others money. I can Very sick, I will never watch or listen to her again. I have a new granddaughter, I want her to grow up knowing she is beautiful how she was made, Joyce needs to be off the air. She is a fake. Very sad.

  3. deb says:

    Her new “Joker” look is distracting. I suspect it is due to a procedure that reportably gets rid of “resting Bitch face” where they surgically remove a triangle patch from each corner of the mouth. This supposably turns that resting frown to a more pleasant upturned appearance.

  4. lou says:

    I noticed a difference around Mrs Myers mouth. And mainly i want her to be happy.
    I want to look right through her and see beauty requardless.
    and yes this person is alowed to spend money on a procedure.
    lets be loving children of GOD! this can be fun and yes soon JESUS IS COMING BACK for real i know

  5. Claudia says:

    I think it s pitiful she did that to her self. What about ageing in the grace of God? She now looks totally weird. If she really accepted herself she would of left her cute face as it was.

  6. Chris Strobl says:

    I just left a Message about Joyce’s new Lips and unfortunately misunderstood/
    had the wrong slant on it! Been watching her so long I am just glad she is on

    Please do not print my ( Wrong Choice prior to this)……..I GOT IT BACKWARD….. My choice>> which I preferred( #1) before the fancy enhancment
    I’m sorry / Love Joyce/ preferred the original Joyce mouth too. She’s my gal one way or the other

  7. Chris Strobl says:

    Joyce, I have been a faithful viewer for years.
    With your surgery you have completed a beautiful adjustment which enhances your dear smile…
    You are looking so good I had to write!
    Thanking you for all of the enormous good you have done also
    sharing the word of our Lord (with the twinkle) you add making us enjoy every session …
    Bless you for your wonderful works ALL OVER this world! Chris Strobl Indian River, Michigan

  8. Jakebaby says:

    I still love to hear her teaching, but I hate to see her mouth move. This is a prime example of getting what you want and not what you need. The devil has done his job, she should had consulted God first. She was beautiful like she was.

  9. Opal Reimal says:

    She looks great and her sermons and books are great. She stated she wanted to look her best for her audience and for the work she does for God. Why must we be so hard on people?

  10. kim says:

    Is thinking a person might get a salary and choose to spend her hard earned money on what ever she wants to much to ask? How she chooses to spend it is her business.
    All monies for her ministry I’m sure isn’t sent right to her personal account.
    I’m just saying.
    I do buy her books, dvd’s, ect and find the information very useful.
    All ministries aren’t bad.
    She’s done a lot to help people so please don’t judge or assume. Can it be something postive said first instead of grouping people and assuming the worst of someone. Maybe some of what she’s sharing could be used by more then just me here. God bless.

  11. AngieM says:

    I was stunned. Can’t watch her talk anymore, it is far too idiotic-looking. Is she nuts? And is this where donors’ money goes? She and all those other “preachers,” like Joel Olsteen, they’re certainly living the good life, thanks to all the morons who believe their crap and give them big bucks so they can have fancy cars, homes and clothing. Where do they get the nerve to talk about any god… looks pretty greedy to me.
    So, keep buying their books, listening to them and handing over your hard-earned money so they can have surgeries and live far more luxuriously than most of us can.
    Why are people so DUMB and gullible????

  12. JulieAnn S. Hamilton says:

    Ugh! FREAKISH! And THAT is what becomes of the BIG BUCKS that the Duped Donate??? HOW HORRIBLE!!! :(

  13. Ursula says:

    How was the surgery paid for? Is this why she wants donors to buy her books?

  14. Duane says:

    Plastic surgery for the glory of God ?

  15. Weasler says:

    Looks just like Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of The Joker in the 1980s “Batman”. Fcuking weird as hell.

  16. Sheila Moore says:

    I have no problem with her doing it, I just wonder if she looks in the mirror and says “yep, the marionette look is just what I was going for.”

  17. pat says:

    I think you are all nuts..her message is still the same and she looks great,,.

  18. Anne says:

    I’ve read her books but only recently (last few weeks) started watching her on you-tube. From the get-go I wondered what was wrong with her mouth – it just looked so odd to have the edges turned up like that. I couldn’t figure out how she’d preached all these years with such an odd and unattractive mouth – without using makeup to minimize it.Then today I watched what was probably an older video on You tube, and she seemed so normal looking! I was so puzzled that I just started wondering if she had had cosmetic surgery (note that I hadn’t known how she looked prior to this – except from her book covers – so had no expectations that she should look this way or that). I googled ‘Joyce Meyer cosmetic surgery’ just to see if anything came up (I love to research) – and lo and behold – indeed my guess was right! There are many discussions on her new upturned lips! I’d guessed right. Just because she didn’t look natural. I think she’s got gift (of teaching) and it isn’t diminished by her surgery. Her message is given with her primarily in front of the camera – so of course she needs to look pleasing to the millions of eyes watching her. She is pretty wrinkle free so maybe she’s done it successfully before. However, it looks like she picked a new set of lips (cupid’s bow like)! Hopefully next round of surgery she can get a more natural look. God bless you Joyce and thank you for your message. God has spoken to me through your words and for that I am truly grateful. How you look does not, in my opinion, diminish your message.

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