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Joan Jett might be the only ageless American female guitarist. She’s now 54 years old, and doesn’t look like the average person. She may have done plastic surgery to enhance her look to make it look like she did in the 1980s. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif, commented that Joan Joan Jett surely had a rhinoplasty, some botox and fillers injections and a facelift.

Joan Jett Plastic Surgery

Joan Jett Then and Now Photo

People guessed that she might have had multiple plastic surgeries including a nose job, cheek implants, facelift and botox injections. Since we know she’s no longer young, we have no doubt she’d try plastic surgery to revive her current youthful look. The facelift was used to tighten her skin, while the cheek implants made her face look fuller and more youthful.  The botox was used to remove all the wrinkles and lines on her face, especially her forehead. She’s also had plastic surgery on her nose. The bulous nose she used to have has been reshaped to be narrower and elegant. Overall, she looks great, and is noted as being one of the more successful plastic surgery users.

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