Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Carrie Fisher is no longer young. Lately, she’s been approached with plastic surgery rumors that she’s had it all done. Dr. Michael Salzhauer commented that Carrie possibly had a facelift, neck lift and eyelid surgery.

Carrie Fisher Plastic Surgery

Carrie Fisher Then and Now

Dr. Paul Nassif added that she might have had botox and fillers injections. Based on those two opinions from the doctors, we can analyze the changes from her photos. First, her facial and neck skin are tighter than before. For a 56 year old, we’d expected to find some sagging skin. We can’t find any on Carrie. These could be tightened by a facelift and neck lift. Those two procedure are commonly used to rejuvenate skin.

Carrie Fisher Neck Lift

Carrie Fisher Neck Lift

Second, she has pulled eyes, and looks better with these fresher eyes – likely due to eyelid surgery. She also probably had her face injected with botox and fillers. The fillers in her forehead would be to remove all wrinkles. Fillers near here eyes and cheeks would help the skin look nutritious and plump. If we look at her face, it seems there’s nothing overdone or done poorly. If the rumors are true, she did it successfully to rejuvenate her look.

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  1. Paul Marglin says:

    Came across this article on Google. Do you proof read? “Fillers near here eyes and cheeks”

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