10 Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Photos

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Plastic surgery is an activity used to enhance someone’s look to be better. Commonly, this procedure is used by women but sometimes men also love doing this. But, the users need to reconsider the risks because plastic surgery will not always turn out nice. It can be nice like a friend, but can be mean like a foe. These are some people who fell into the bad side of plastic surgery. From the bad to the worst.

 #10. Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith Before and After 10 Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Photos

Melanie Griffith Before and After

Melanie Griffith a plastic surgery lover. She was told to have multiple plastic surgeries along her career. She got botox, facial fillers, a lip augmentation and a breast augmentation. The breast augmentation is not the center of people’s attention because Melanie’s face is more interesting part to be  discussed. Her face looked worse after the plastic surgery. As you can see in her current look, the face seems so wet and plastic. The skin was unnaturally plumped and the shape of her face looked asymmetrical. This could be the result of too much botox and a poor facelift. Her bad-shape lips also made it perfectly awful. The unclearly shaped lips were caused by overdoses of fillers. She might regret her decision. She has turn into  an ugly lady.

#9. Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers Before and After 10 Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After Photos

Joan Rivers Before and After

Joan River might spend her retirement with regret. The 78 year old grandma might be disappointed with the multiple procedures she had. The facelift, botox and nose job have made her look horrible. The facelift made her face too tight and frozen. She also played too much with botox. Even though her face has no wrinkles, she looks unnaturally smooth. A dozen units of botox might have been injected in her old face.  And the other bad thing is her nose. She got a badly shaped nose from a rhinoplasty.  That’s so horrible.

#8. Jackie Stallone

Jackie Stallone Before and After

Jackie Stallone Before and After

Jackie Stallone, from the name Stallone you might think of Sylvester Stallone, Rambo. Yes, Jackie Stallone is  Rambo’s mother. She turned from a beauty to the beast after plastic surgery. She made a bad decision to use plastic surgery in order to make her face youthful. As you can see, she got plump cheeks, a frozen face, awful lips, scary eyes, etc. The facelift and botox have made her face so frozen and too shiny. She looks like the wax version of herself now. Too much fillers in some parts of her face and lips make her a bit scary. Her lips are twice as big as  before. We feel sorry for her. She looks like a scary grandma.

 #7. Dennis Avner: The Catman

Dennis Avner Plastic Surgery

Dennis Avner Plastic Surgery

Dennis Avner, The Catman or Tiger man. He is one of the most extreme humans in the world. Unlike other people who tried plastic surgery to get a good look, he did it for an obsession. He tried to make himself turn into a cat or tiger – no matter how. And he did it successfully. He has changed his face completely with some plastic surgeries procedures such as a facelift, filers, dental surgery and many others. His teeth have been sharped to make tiger teeth. He also plumped his cheeks with fillers, changed his eyes with eyelid surgeries, reshaped her lips, ears, hands etc. Some reported that the reason he did it was for his creed of something. He is not crazy, but he is obsessed with something unusual for common people. And last year, the 54 year old man found was found dead in his house in Nevada.

#6.Eric Sprague: The Lizardman

Eric Sprague Plastic Surgery

Eric Sprague Plastic Surgery

Eric Sprague is an obsessed man like Denis Avner. He was obsessed with being a lizard, therefore he was called the Lizardman. He created this look with the help of plastic surgeries. Is it an art? or crazy? His unique parts are the split tongue, sharp teeth, the bumps over his eyes and green tattoos. It seems like Eric is crazy about lizards or love lizards too much. He knows everything about lizards. He has covered his body with green tattoos, and split his tongue into two parts. Dental surgery has reshaped her teeth to be sharp. He looks like a giant lizard. People also wonder what he feels by having two tongues. He also has some bumps over his eyes that might be injected with some fillers, with a special technique. He looks so unnaturally amazing and scary.

#5. Jocelyn Wildenstein, The cat woman

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before and After

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before and After

When there is a Catman, there’s also a cat woman. Jocelyn Wildenstein is the cat woman. She was obsessed with her ex-husband who loved a cat, so she went under the knife to turn her self into a cat. More or less, $4,000,000, has been spent by her to become a cat. And several years ago, the cat woman stated that she wanted to go back to a normal woman again. Therefore she needed to reconstruct her look (again) with several plastic surgeries. It requires a lot of time to go back to her original face.

#4. Pete Burns

Pete Burns Before and After

Pete Burns Before and After

She sold her face to plastic surgery. That’s what happened to Pete Burns. She had several plastic surgeries. Like her popular song entitled “Dead or Alive,” her face looks dead or alive. Pete Burns nowadays has completely changed her face. Overly plump cheeks, wide lips and frozen facial skin are some features in her face. She played too much with plastic surgery. People imagined why she didn’t stop it when she knew that the procedures were getting worse. Did she continue it based on her own will? A facelift, botox and other fillers are some procedures that created her current look. She is far from human, and more like a fish-face or alien. People waited to see what she will do next, does she reconsider her face or not?

#3.  Michaela Romanini

Michaela Romanini Before and After

Michaela Romanini Before and After

Her case will show many people how mean plastic surgery is. Michaela Romanini was actually beautiful. But, when she decided to go under the knife, she went into a nightmare that will haunt her all her career.  She got a poor facelift, her face looked saggy and coarse. She also made her eyes scary with eyelid surgery. She might have had botox to remove all the wrinkles, but she can’t be helped from the awful lip augmentation. The really bad lips made her look so old, ugly and a bad version of herself. She is no longer a beautiful lady. She might need to reconstruct her face, especially her lips.

#2. Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore Before and After

Amanda Lepore Before and After

She was one of the transgender actresses in America with an awful change. Amanda Lepore’s appearance nowadays looks like an ugly plastic doll. She changed everything to be a woman. She got a breast augmentation to make a bust. She changed her nose, reshaped her lips, injected implants into her buttock, remade her eyes, etc. She completely changed into a woman. Unfortunately, she got an ugly face that scares a lot of people. Many people wonder how could she stand confidently when she looks so awful. Is this an obsession? Or a hobby?

#1. Hang Mioku

Hang Mioku Before and After

Hang Mioku Before and After

This woman could be the worst plastic surgery case ever. She looks so unnaturally plump. The case began when a doctor she visited didn’t give her any filler injections for some problems, so she decided crazily to change the fillers with cooking oil. Then she turned into a weird looking lady. We can’t imagine why she could do such a thing. The cooking oil might have damaged the cells in her body, so that she turned into a woman like this. She has lost her old beautiful look forever.

Those are the 10 worst results of plastic surgery. This could be a big lesson for anyone who wants to try a plastic surgery. They should know that it is a big risk. Plastic surgery could be a nice friend, but sometimes could be the mean friend which could kill your life.

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  1. bobbie says:

    This whole article is shit.Most of the before pictures are actually mid surgical obsession pictures.I think you would have to go back to the late sixties to see the natural Joan Rivers.I feel as though this article was written by someone who isn’t familiar with English as their first language.

  2. Colum says:

    The before picture for Michaela Romanini isn’t her it’s Dannii Minogue! … Not enough research done!

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